ア ナスティ ピース オブ ワーク / A nasty piece of work

Book and Lyrics : Nicholas Parsons

Music : Heinz Schweers

Director : Annie Bilton

Musical Director: Heinz Schweers

Assistant Director: Paul Appleby

Set: Mitch Lavender

Lighting: Spiros Hristias

Costumes: Margaret Jewell

Cast: Ashley Adkins, Debra Bryan, Rachel Campbell, Morgan David, Sonja Donohoe, Brionny Fagan, Emma Harris, Barbara Hastings, Zac Jardine, Lynden Jones, Yuna Kawahara, Rebecca Lamond, Toni Murphy, Amy Robertson, Adam Salter, Sinisa Vrebac

Musicians: Jo Argall, Jonathan Beament, Peter Corkill, Bec Grubb, Damien Mathieson, Brian Sommerville, Sophie Unsen

Production : New theatre , Sydney

Year : 2008

The city is Sydney; the locale Kings Cross. Sex, corruption and crime course through its seedy streets and only the smartest and toughest survive. In this shadowy parallel world lurk the irrepressibly lecherous McNeil, Boris Barksy the sinister Russian mafia boss, 'Front End' Loder the bent copper, the Madam with a heart of gold, her bevy of working girls, pole-dancers, pimps, and a hopelessly inept trio of thieves. Together they sashay and slither across the stage in the funniest exposé of vice seen in a very long time. Award-winning playwright Nicholas Parsons and composer Heinz Schweers have collaborated to create a hilarious and bawdy musical comedy bursting with outrageous characters and brilliant songs. Inspired by John Gay's 18th century romp The Beggar's Opera, this is contemporary and barbed satire at its most vibrant and entertaining. With the generous support of
Directed by Annie Bilton